Welcome to We Are Church Koinonia Fellowship Richmond Texas!

When & Where We Meet

When and Where We Meet

Currently, we are in the infancy stages of building our house church and we meet in one of our family homes in Richmond, Texas. As we grow our network of home churches here in the Houston area we will have more places and options for new members regarding when and where they meet.

If you are interested in joining our fellowship we want to invite you to contact us today!

Contact Nick Covanes at (713) 397-3833 -or- Erin Covanes at (713) 503-9436

We meet on Sundays at 10:30am for Bible study, worship and prayer, and communion.
We meet on Wednesday’s at 7:00pm for worship, prayer, and communion

Our home churches will often have food, as we are focused on breaking bread with one another as a part of our fellowship. If you come, we ask that you bring something with you (generally enough for your family +1) so that we can all enjoy the wonderful deliciousness together.

Public Meetings

As our network grows, and more and more home churches are added, we plan to meet once each month in a public setting (park or another outdoor venue generally speaking). This would be a good opportunity for you to come and experience Koinonia Fellowship. We encourage you to invite friends and family members as well. Our goal during these public church meetings is to cast our vision, reunite our home churches, offer testimonials, experience deep worship, and most importantly, share the Gospel message. These meetings are also pot-luck style! Yummmmmm!