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Monthly Public Gatherings

January 29, 2023 10:30 am

Great time to come and check out our fellowship as all of our home churches will be gathering together to celebrate the love of Christ and serve one another. This is a great opportunity to invite a family member or a friend to check out how we do things!

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Welcome to Koinonia Fellowship Richmond

We are a home church located in Richmond, Texas and are modeled after the We Are Church movement

We Are Church

Koinonia Fellowship Richmond is a house church that began as a simple life-group/Bible study. Around the time we began, I went to a 15-Day Intensive put on by Francis Chan and his leadership where I learned about the We Are Church model. While we are not under the authority or leadership of We Are Church or the Church Intensive, we were so pleased with the way they do things we decided to model our own church after their home churches. I personally experienced a level of fellowship unsurpassed by my 25+ years in ministry in these simple home gatherings where the Spirit of God was most definitely present!

We read in the book of Acts how the church operated for first-century believers, and while the times have no doubt changed, we feel that a return to a simpler way of doing things is what the LORD is calling us to. We are not criticizing larger establishment churches, but we feel that the example put before us through Scripture promotes deeper, more intimate, church settings and lends itself to better opportunities for us to disciple followers of Jesus Christ.

While we are hoping to align ourselves with the methods and core governance exemplified by the We Are Church “movement,” we are an autonomous body of believers with a deep respect for Francis Chan and his leadership. As you will discover there is no “perfect” church model, and We Are Church will be the first to tell you the same thing. Our hope and desire are that we can emulate the “success” that We Are Church has had in San Francisco, with the understanding that true success can only be identified as obedient followers of Jesus Christ who love God and love others as themselves.

If I could describe what I feel the LORD is leading me to do as I shepherd this fellowship I would have to say it would be like taking the passion and vision of Pastor Francis Chan and the love, inspiration and devotion to the WORD of God that Pastor Chuck Smith had, add the zeal for His church that God has uniquely given me, and shake them all together and watch what comes out. Having “grown up” spiritually in Calvary Chapel I have long been a dedicated student of the WORD, it is from this platform that I see the vision for what I would have, perhaps, done differently. It is my sincere prayer that the LORD would use me to faithfully pursue His heart and vision for the church. I am truly humbled and privileged to be a part of what the LORD is doing in my generation to bring glory and honor to His name while being faithful and obedient to love and lead those whom He sends.

At Your Service In His Service,